On Fox, Palin “declared” for 2012 nomination…

1 Nov

Today, on Fox News, while being interviewed by Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin announced her intention to run for President in 2012.
“If the nations needs me,I’ll run,” said the ex Alaska Governor, making it quite clear that she will be the one to determine if the nation “needs her.”
Of course, in her views, only she can live up to her Presidential expectations, including unwavering ideals, and skill, the kind of skills she acquired as an administrator of a state. One can rest assured that Sarah Palin will be a candidate in the GOP/”tea-party” nomination process to select their 2012 candidate! Can Sarah Palin win the nomination?
On the Fox news interview Palin demonstrated the results of months and months of coaching, coaching in both delivery and content. By “polishing” her image Palin probably removed doubts about her ability to neutralize those many who criticized her lack of preparation, or experience. Also, Sarah Palin may have answered the question of “Gravatar”, that the GOP “genius” strategist, Karl Rove, recently pronounced.

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