The “Political-Quran,” a manifesto precluding Muslims from 1st amendment benefits!

17 Nov

Muslims are people who accept the Quran as Gospel, as God’s final word to the human race, if you will. The Quran makes it clear that no words within it can be challenged, and neither can any words of the Prophet Muhammad. Every chapter of the Quran clearly state that it is the last and final word of God to the human race. The Quran for all practical purposes is a “political-manifesto,” not unlike the Communist-manifesto (except that it is also a basis for a radical and tyrannical religion,) and should be viewed in the same way as Communism was during the “cold-war.”

Those who feel that in the United States Islam should be treated as is any other religion, and be protected by the first amendment, are mistaken. Since the Quran goes beyond being a religion, and dictates a “code for living*” to its followers, it is not just a religion but a “political dogma,” or a manifesto. The Quran is more like the Communist Manifesto, than it is like the Bible.

The Quran dictates to its believers that they do away with all non-belivers, either by conversion (with alms,) or by death, if necessary. How can people who follow such teaching expect to be treated as equals in the United States, or any other non-Muslim country?

* It is a DIN (or code of living,) instructing followers to follow the “political-dogma” of world domination!

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