Jerusalem: Israel’s eternal Capital!

7 Dec

Jerusalem is not a man-made city; it is a divine phenomenon of enormous magnitude.

In its form of a city with human inhabitants, Jerusalem is a vibrant home for members of many religions, nations, creeds, and races; but it is primarily the Capital of the State of Israel, and the hub of Judaism.

Other religions than Judaism consider Jerusalem an important part of their being. To the Muslims, Jerusalem is the third most holy city in the world. To many Christians, Jerusalem, with its ever-present footsteps and other items associated with Jesus Christ, is of significant religious importance.

Even though Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, its future is not controlled by Israel; it is rather under divine authority that no man can change. Mortals may manage the day-to-day activities of the city of Jerusalem, but its ultimate destiny has been determined by providence, through the direct power of the Creator, if you will.

Numerous attempts by various people to re-write the future of Jerusalem in the Twentieth, and Twenty-first Centuries caused a number of short-term changes in the status of Jerusalem, but they ultimately all failed. Present attempts to cause Jerusalem to become something other than the Capital of Israel, the perpetual center of Judaism, are destined to fail, they must fail since they are contrary to Divine Providence, contrary to the will of the Creator, regardless of what he is called.

For the United States, and other nations, to support a notion that Jerusalem can be divided, or shared, is ludicrous. Benyamin Netanyahu may be able to speak for the State of Israel, but he lacks the divine authority to accept changes to the state of Jerusalem. Any attempt by Israeli leadership to forfeit control, or share Jerusalem, will not only blocked be by the people, it would fail through divine intervention.

When Yassar Arafat rejected an offer by Ehud Barak, when Barak was Prime Minister of Israel, to make some sharing accommodation for Jerusalem; Arafat unknowingly acted on Divine directive and rejected Barak’s offers to compromise. Should have Arafat accepted Barak’s offer, a major turmoil would have ensued, Barak’s career as a politician would have ended, and the whole region would have fallen into a state of immediate chaos. Arafat was simply doing the “work of the Lord,” for which he was universally condemned since worldview was that Barak’s offer the best offer the Palestinians can ever expect.

Through the years events continue point to Divine Intervention in the Middle East, that region of the world that seems to be of particular interest to Jehovah (the name of God that is used by the Jewish people,) the first name given to God by any of the three principal monotheist religions.

When Menachem Begin, as Prime Minister of Israel, made an of-the-cuff invitation to Anwar Sadat to visit Israel, much like Arafat, Begin did not realize that his action, the invitation to Sadat, was not just a part of a speech to the Knesset, but rather a world-changing message. Begin’s message to Sadat was likely a message he was delivering on behalf of the Creator. Sadat, also unaware of his divine role, and contrary to the desire of most Arab people, accepted Begin’s invitation. The ensuing events brought about the Israel/Egypt peace accord, an event that changed the world.

Jerusalem’s situation is outside of mortal control, it is a condition that requires unique approaches. Keeping in mind the fact the Jerusalem is now, and will remain in perpetuity, the Capital of Israel, all future accommodations must be made within that framework. Israel must, of course, honor the interests of other religions in that city, and establish formal structures to take care of religious needs of those others who revere the city.

In summary: Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital in perpetuity, it is the hub of Judaism, and will always be managed and controlled (under Divine authority,) by the State of Israel, the state of the Jewish people. Israel, on its part, will be compelled to make sure that those other religions with interest in the city will have unabated and secure access to their holy places within the City of Jerusalem.


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