Obama’s Afghan war: Overuling McChrystal, it is now the C.i.C. war! Is the 30,000 commitment a “down-payment” towards 150,000 total allies troops in Afghanistan?

5 Dec

Was it naivety, stupidity, or the need to have a final word, that prompted President Obama to overrule General McChrystal request fo 40,000 troops, and commit “only “30,000?”

It was not stupidity, since Barak Hussein Obama is not a stupid person. His action in reducing the Afghan commitment must have been in part due to naivety, and in part an ego driven move to have the last word. Whatever the reason, the Commander-in-Chief took upon himself the ownership of the war in Afghanistan. By making the final call, the military decision, if you will, especially one that is not in line with what was recommended by the commander(s) in the field, the C. i. C., for all practical purposes, relieved General McChrystal from the ultimate day-to-day responsibility for the war, and assumed all accountability for the war.

Since most military experts agree hat the 40,000 request by McChrystal was on the light side, and because history, the terrain, and the local culture(s) in Afghanistan, suggest that a United States win will require an overwhelming force, one should count the days when events in the field start to suggest that the McChrystal number of 40,000+. was not quite large enough. Events in the field will likely demonstrate that the Obama 30,000 was clearly inadequate, and that at least 20,000 additional troops will be needed, for a troop level of about 150,000, similar to what the US had to commit to Iraq.

Obama’s eighteen months may be OK for an evaluation, but from all that appear relevant, no withdrawal can be expected in eighteen months, to the contrary, at least another build-up, an escalation, if you will, should be expected before any withdrawal can start.

There is little, or nothing that suggests that the US role in Afghanistan is a short-term mission; all indications are that US presence in Afghanistan will be protracted, it is likely not to end before both Obama’s daughters are old enough to vote!


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