America: We are not the “greatest…”

19 Nov

After about two years of hearing politicians, and the media, continue to state that America is the greatest nation on earth, that the US military is the best military on the planet, and that we are the freest people in the world, we come to find out that “the people” must bail out this greatest of greats, or it will falter.

The automobile industry, “backbone” of the US economy, is in shambles. It seems that some inferior people with slanted eyes and who live far away out produced America’s “most productive” people in the world, to the point that taxpayers have to be called upon to bail out the greatest industries of them all.

America’s land of opportunity finds itself in a position that “the people’s” investments in securing their own futures are now in jeopardy. America’s greatest military of them all does not seem to accomplish many of the tasks given them by “the nation.”

The amount of money required to run a major political campaign in the United States was proven in 2008 to make America not the land of equal opportunity to all, but actually to make those with money “more equal,” than for those who are less fortunate. The free press of the United States proved in the 2008 elections that being biased and using its immense influence to promote one candidate over the other, could sway, if not actually direct, the democratic process. While skewing the political landscape, the media kept referring to itself as being “the greatest,” demonstrating a posture of arrogance that is made of while-cloth.

There is little or no doubt that America is a great country. But like other great nations in history, it is becoming arrogant and may cause its own demise. Perhaps it will only lose its leadership position, and not actually disappears, but arrogance already reduced its economic viability.

America must be careful and not encourage mediocrity; it must not come to the rescue of every “great” institution that fails because its failure may affect the rest of the nation. America must be made to stand on its own two feet and become an equal partner in the global community of nations. America must shed off its self-image of being the best, or greatest, it is not that any more, if it ever were…

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