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Obama covering his A– too soon: bin Laden MUST be eliminaed!

16 Jan

Barak Obama is acting too much like a politician than as an an agent for change!

Saying this early in the game that some of his major promises can be reduced and still meet the intent is too early, and is wrong.

Bin Laden is a case in point! Bin Laden is not neutralized, and bin Laden must be eliminated or his existence will continue to fuel the fires of America.

Obama: The streotype Chicago Politician!

18 Dec

When Barak Hussein Obama, the “man of the people,” needed the Gay and Lesbian votes, the President-elect was all pro Gay rights! Now that he has the votes, the Chicago politician that Obama is, he selected an anti-Gay foundation for his inauguration! What a shrude trade: Gay for the Conservative right, what a clevr political move, and we all expected a Change!— Chicago politics at its best: The Senate seat, the inaugural invocation; everything is for sales, if not for money, then for what, favors? — Indeed: Where is the Change we can Believe in!?

“Person of the Year;” Why?

17 Dec

Barak Hussein Obama, one of the world greatest orators was just hired by the American people to manage the affairs of their country. The President-elect was hired based on promises that he will bring change to Washington, something that so far he did not even attempted to do.

A White House staff and Cabinet made up of President Clinton’s cronies does not represent change. In spite of that, perhaps President-elect Obama has good insights ans will do well; let us all hope that he does!

All that not withstanding, the President-elect has proven to be an outstanding public speaker and a good politician, but he is yet to prove himself as someone who can deliver on what he promises. How can Time select Barak Obama “Person of the Year” before tha man had an opportunity to demonstrate what he could do?

Is [Islamic] blood thicker than Wright’s teaching?

13 Dec

Now that President-elect Obama shed his sheep clothing and openly exposed  his Islamic routs, will the next United States President “go easy” on Islamic terrorists such as the 9/11 conspirators?

Islamic roots: The measure!

10 Dec

In America for a person to be legally accepted as an American Indian the person need be one sixteenth Indian. Hitler consider a person Jewish, or a gypsy, ready for slaughter, if said person’s roots even showed a trace of the persecuted group! President Barak Hussein Obama, until just recntly, kept insisting that he is not and never was a Muslim; he finally agreed to acknowledge his Islamic roots.

Barak Hussein Obama is the product of Islamic-birth, Barak Hussein Obama should be proud of his roots even if he is not now, or never was a practicing Muslim!

Congratulations Barak Hussein Obama for coming “out of the closet” and agreeing to use your full name, including the Islamic part, when assuming the office of President!

Obama, a figment of the public imagination:

29 Nov

There is no Barak Obama!

President-elect Barak Obama, is in reality a virtual person. The American public voted for the virtual-Obama, the person it wished for, not the person that Obama actually is.
The handsome tallish Mulatto with his captivating smile, a voice made in heaven, and oratory skills second to none, is a figment of the public collective imagination; or perhaps, a gift from the Creator to the world, his crumbling creation!
The person that is Barak Obama, the one that the American public elected, is not the person you see, it is rather: JFK, Superman, the Messiah (a la Louis Farrakhan, and others,) Winston Churchill, and the Christ Himself, all rolled into one…
In desperate times people resort to desperate measures, electing Barak Obama is such a measure. The Obama election could prove an act of the Creator and “save” the Nation, or turn out to be just another blimp on the radar screen of history.
The “Change” promised as is demonstrated by early selection of staff, will not come from Obama. If a change occures it will come from the minds, and possibly actions, of the American public.
Let us hope for the best realizing that Obama is not a panacea, but that he is very likely to be a great improvement over President George W. Bush, one of the worse Presidents in the history of the United States.
Good luck Barak Hussein Obama, let the Creator be with you!

PS There is indeed a Barak Obama who from all indications is a very fine person, but as elected, he became what the public wanted him to be, rather than what he really is. Let’s hope that, at least in part, the real and virtual Obamas merge and become one…