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Your friends’ enemies are your enemies! Since they are, Obama is wrong: Islam, and particularly Iran under Ahmadinejad, is his enemy! (If for no other reason then because it openly vows to destroy Israel, the US’ only real ally and friend in the Middle East.)

24 Jul

President Barak Obama continues to say that the United States is not now, never was, and never will be at war with Islam; he is outright wrong!

President Obama’s gestures towards the Islamic world notwithstanding, ditancing himself from Israel, the only dependable ally the United States had in the Middle East for sixty years, is an error that he must fix. Obama’s behavior towards friends (like the Reverend Wright) who he throws under the bus when they appear to be a political liability, is not a display of a character worthy of the United States. Commitments and loyalties are important, even though they may come at the expense of political gain, and President Obama must learn how to put alliances ahead of short-term political gains.

Since Israel is the United States friend and ally, its enemies are also enemies of the United States. The Islamic Republic of Iran, for example is on record as planning to destroy the State of Israel, that is a declared state of war with Israel, does it not in fact puts it in a state of war with The United States?

Until Egypt and Jordan signed peace treaties with Israel, all Islamic states were formally in a state of war with Israel, and de facto, with the United States.

Why is Barak Obama continues to  declare that the United States wishes to deal with Iran through diplomatic channels even in face of Iran’s declaration of war against Israel, and its insistence on becoming a nuclear power, in violation of United Nations resolution(s)? Why doesn’t Barak Obama accept the fact that the United States is in a state of war with Iran, and then, and only then look into means to end the war and negotiate terms for peace?

For the United States to have peace and diplomatic relations with Iran, the Ahmadinejad regime must cease to maintain a position that it would destroy Israel, which like Iran, is a member in good standing, of the United Nations. As a matter of fact, there should be a general rule at the United Nations, that of a member state declares war on another member state, it is automatically expelled.

President Obama must accept the obligation that allied nations must look for each other interests, and not to capitulate to enemies even though they may appear to have something that he desires. Geting some of Iran’s oil may be important to short-term US interests, but it should not be as important as standing by its allies.