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Palin and Bachmann: Retarding women progress! Or, will 2012 mark the “cat fight” of the Century?

3 Sep

Palin and Bachmann: Retarding women progress! Or, will 2012 mark the “cat fight” of the Century?

Not many rational people can argue that women are no less qualified than are men to hold any political office, including that of President. In spite of the fact that a woman can be just as, if not more, effective than a man, so far only a couple of women were on national tickets, and so far, only as potential candidates for Vice President.

It is, however, a sad state that in today political world the only two potential women candidates are  outlandish and unqualified young ladies. Sarah Palin, if for no other reason than the fact that she quit in her term as Governor of Alaska in order to feather her own nest, is a quitter that the American public can not trust, or count on, for serious leadership.

Michelle Bachmann is not only inexperienced, she continues to misstate facts, and to make promises that any rational human being can see can not hold water. The young Minnesota Congresswoman often tries to explain her blunders by suggesting that they represent her sense of humor; running for the top office in the land, is no joking matter!

It is a shame that GOP potential women candidate are so outlandish that they are setting back women progress in politics. While the GOP has rational women in its ranks, the likes of Hutchison, Snow, Collins, why is it that Palin and Bachmann are the only potential women candidates for President for 2012?

By the nature of the beast, if the two aforementioned young ladies were to face each other in the primaries, one can expect a nasty “cat fight,” like in no other primary in United States history.

It would be wise for the GOP establishment, including the Tea Party, to find away to dispose of Bachmann and Palin as candidates, or, if they don’t, risk muddying the [political] water for women far into the future…