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Why import tech talent? Or, Obama and Romney desire foreign ralent; why?

13 Oct

Explain the math?

America has 300,000,000+ people, of the 300,000,000+ about 23,000,000 are either under, or unemployed, why is it that we need to bring in foreign talent to train? Are American genes inferior to those of foreign birth?

In a year when immigration plays a major role in the election, and 51,000,000 Latinos “carry a big stick,” it is understandable why both Party candidates are talking about building on foreign talent. Politically this may be the thing to do, but from the best interests of the United States, it is not!

I personally am foreign-born, studied, trained, and married in the United States. I have done well, however, there are tens of thousands, perhaps millions, who were born in the US who are not any less talented than I am.

It escapes me why the powers-to-be in the United States have such an inferiority complex that they think foreign-born people could do better for the economy than can native-born people.

The old adage: “Take care of your own,” may not be politically correct, but in my book, it sure applies to the United States of the 21st Century!