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“As long as the head of a snake is healthy, it will continue to do its harm.” As long as the US Government remain, the country will suffer!

17 Oct

ISIS (DASESH) is a symptom, not the disease, unless the root is eliminated, the head chopped off, the entity will remain a danger to the non-Islamic world for many, many years to come. President Obama spoke of a thirty year effort, realistically, the head of that snake can be chopped with an overwhelming commitment of [US] boots on the ground, in few short months. Surround the animal, and chop its head!
President Obama is not responsible for the existence of DAESH, but it is on his watch. President Obama did not create the Ebola crises, but its on his watch…The list goes on, including, but not limited to: Fast and Furious, the IRS issues, NSA snooping, Hamas attack on Israel, Assad’s slaughtering his people, and the general shoddy manner the United States is presently governed.
Appointing (late, I might add) a czar for Ebola, affecting [limited] air strikes on DAESH, and other measures for stopping the bleeding, but that leave the head of the snake intact, cannot, and will not stop America’s serious woes.
The 2014 Congressional election may bring in a new Senate, not one controlled by the “head;” perhaps that will bring about some relief. But the inept and irresponsible manner in which the United States conducts both its internal, and international business, may not stop until a new head is put on the failing snake who is now in charge.
Needless to say, the 2014 Congressional election is crucial, let us hope that with it the losing track that the United States is on can be altered, changed enough that the non-stop bleeding ceases to be.