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Israel has no occupied land. International norm is that land gained in a [defensive] war, belongs to the conqueror; that norm applies to land won by Israel in 1967…

28 Jul

Accept for the case of Israel, at no time in the history of civilization was a cconqueror required to return occupied land! Why does Israel have to be the exception?

Having lost a great deal of territory when the British government, without legal authority, split Palestine and created Transjordan (now Jordan,) and reduced the Palestine that was to be divided between the Jews and Arabs to a minute plot of land.Israel, one of the smallest country in the world continues to relinquish territory because it desires peace. Even though the land for peace formula served a purpose, giving back any more territory by Israle should be strictly at its largess.

United States demands that Israel stop all buildings in East Jerusalem and the West Bank is a demonstration how poorly the US is prepared to deal with the Israeli issue.

All territory gained by Israel in 1967 is its property to do with as it pleases. The US must examine what security, cultural, historic, and religious  consideration must be dealt with before imposing its will on anyone, especially on Israel.

The United States, if it wishes to be an honest broker must start with the premise that there are no occupied territories on the West Bank, and that it Israel’s largess that should be the determining factor on what additional land it is willing to relinquish in order to achieve peace.