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After Syria, a Nuevo MidEast, no Palestine, but a Kurdistan:

3 Aug

After Syria, a Nuevo MidEast, no Palestine, but a Kurdistan:
MidEast re-alignment: Two Lebanons, Kurdistan, but no Palestine:
Christians and Muslim in Lebanon are like water and oil; they are unable to co-exist. Lebanese Christians and the State of Israel would make good neighbored, Southern Lebanon that borders with Israel should be carved out of Lebanon and a Hezbollah-free Christian Lebanon should be established. The Golan Heights should remain as part of Israel, but have an international project, such as a large power plant with joint ownership by thew neighboring countries.
The Kurds in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, do not get along with the national Muslims majorities in those countries. The present revolt in Syria, which also included skirmishes between Kurds and the national Muslims. All three countries in which they have their enclaves; when the new Syria emerges, the Kurds should get its own sovereign country had discriminated against Kurds.
Palestinians are an artificial creation, those Arabs that are called Palestinian, should be absorbed by the countries with which they have border. “West bank,” with Jordan; the Gaza strip, with Egypt.
Both history and present day regional stability considerations suggest that the re-alignment proposed here, with some “adjustments,” makes eminent sense.