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“Conservatism,” GOP’s 2012 slogan: A Misnomer. Pragmatism will rule!

10 Mar

“Conservatism,” GOP’s 2012 slogan: A Misnomer. Pragmatism will rule!

Rick Santorum continues to tell all that he is more conservative than either Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich comes back and claims that he is much more conservative than Rick Santorum, and, of course, much more conservative than is Mitt Romney. Finally, the front-runner, Mitt Romney tells all that he is just as conservative as anybody! Enough said

No one of the GOP contenders defined what it means to be a conservative; all they said to date is that in their vocabulary conservative is someone who does not accept President Obama’s philosophy, whatever it maybe.

What is a conservative? In the most basic, and simple terms: Conservatism maintaining the Status Quo, or, resisting change!

As a conservative one must define what precise spot in history one wishes to freeze and consider the place in time to conserve. Since all the GOP candidates want to repeal the Obamacare system, it is clear that the spot in time they all want must be before President Obama took office. Of the four leading candidates, Newt Gingrich implies that he would like to return to the days of Reagan. A minor participant in the Reagan Administration, the ex-Speaker put President Reagan on a high pedestal that he, the ex-Speaker wishes to reach. The other three candidates have not really define was the spot to conserve may be.

Rick Santorum seems to wish for a place where religion is an important part of America’s life; he clearly rejects the time of America’s first Catholic President, since John F. Kennedy believed in strong separation of Church and State. Ron Paul may wish to return to the days of Joe McCarthy, have the United States segregated from the rest of the world, but the difference, that Paul would like to do so while leaving very little military capability, and maintaining a very small Government.

Mitt Romney appears to be the most pragmatic of the bunch. The ex-Massachusetts Governor may be conservative regarding some fiscal policies, but much more moderate regarding social issues.

With the mixed bag offered by the GOP, would the country be pushed back in time to a spot before Obama’s Presidency, and where would that spot be?

Not being clairvoyant, let me suggest that the GOP should choose Mitt Romney since he not an ideologue, and is the only candidate who may deal with the country problems in a way to fit conditions of the time, not some by-gone days like his competitors are trying to do.