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“Green” not a solution to energy independent; pragmatism, is! Obama’s “Green” is politics, not economics.

19 Jan

“Green” not a solution to energy independent; pragmatism, is! Obama’s “Green” is politics, not economics.

No one can dispute that protecting the environment is an important role of Government, as well as of the people. Native Americans, for example, believe that man is charged with taking care of the earth, man was put on this earth just a guardian of the environment.
Protecting the environment in one thing, but sacrificing pragmatic considerations in favor of ideology, is a big mistake!
Assuming all “green” technology were implemented, America’s energy need would not be solved without fossil fuel supplement.

If one was to take every square inch of un-built land in the United States and install wind generators on that land, and the put a solar panel on the roof of every building in the country, the US energy need will not be met. If the United States were willing to take all the corn grown in the country and use it to make fuel rather than food, or animal feed, and add that to the wind and solar energy maximum capacity, it would come way short of meeting United States projected energy needs.
Getting microorganisms to produce fuel from water may be possible, it will take twenty or more years, and at this stage, no one can actually predict how much energy generation such efforts may yield.
The bad news is that America will require fossil fuel for as far out in the future as one can see. Adding to that bad news is than fact that the United States Administration is spending, or rather wasting a great deal of money on what it calls green energy. This is a waste of taxpayer’s money, even though it is a smart political move to please environmentalists.
The good news is that Americas has, within its shore, more than enough fossil fuel to meet the country’s need for from one hundred to one hundred and fifty years! That amount of energy exists in shale oil reserves alone. Adding the still available “traditional” oil in the US proper and in Alaska, there is no doubt that the US can become energy independent within a decade PROVIDING you become pragmatic and:

1) Push the completion of Keystone without any further delay
2) Allow fraking without unreasonable environmental constraints
3) Allow oil drilling in all known available US oil reserves, including Alaska
4) Stop wasting resources on green energy and redirect them towards improving the extracting of oil from shale
5) Build more refineries in the United States
6) Impose tariffs on imported oil, and use that money for additional efforts to accelerate shale production

With such effort, there is little doubt that the United States can become energy independent within a decade. In support of this claim is the fact that Israel has a process that allows for shale oil extraction that is very near to what one requires to have an economically viable product. There is enough evidence that concentrating on the available fossil fuel resources until the country is energy independent is the thing to do.
Until the country reaches energy independence, green energy efforts should be reduced, to be accelerated after energy independence is accomplished.