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Bachmann’s: “Slavery,” versus Palin’s: “Blood-libel.”

25 Jan

At one time I used to be a Republican, I actually belonged to the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. Since that time, some ten, or more, years ago, I look at today’s leading GOP potential candidates for office, at least at those candidates who are associated with the Tea Party, and it makes me ashamed to admit that I once was a devout Republican.

It is quite clear to me that Sarah Palin had no idea what was the historic meaning of blood-libel when she use the term, or she would not have used it. Bachmann’s discussion on freedom in this country, followed that her suggestion that by making someone buy something said person does not wish to acquire, one makes such people into slaves, demonstrates that the Minnesota Congress woman does not know her history, nor does she not understand slavery.

Palin and Bachmann may represent the GOP’s “Catfight of the Century,” but so far the two have demonstrated once and once again that neither is qualified to be President, not to even hold any responsible [elected] national office.