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Obama’s vulnerables-tax; will baby formula be included?

7 Apr

Under President Obama’s facade of a charming intellectual with concern for others, seems to lie a different persona, an opportunist who is insensitive to the needs of others.
Sacrificing seniors, the disabled, including disabled veterans, is an unprecedented act by an American President. Obama’s most recent action that he considers “less than ideal,” is outright mean. His budget proposal need only to add tax on infants, and it would be Obama’s prefect “vulnerables-tax.”
President Obama vowed to fight for the middle class, instead the President seems to be fighting the middle class, the poor, and the vulnerable.
In 2013 President Obama gave a significant tax break to the rich, by simply taking a large segment (those making $150K to $450K and classified them as middle class, what a sleight of hand.
President Obama’s tax of the vulnerable, coupled with his other failing work, makes him the worst President in contemporary US history.