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Norway: A necessary wake-up call for “Islam’s clear and present danger?” Or, an over reaction?

26 Jul


The religion’s world influence is growing, but, was Norway necessary, or over reaction?

The Brelvik “Norway massacre!”

A US Foundation.

On September 2001, nineteen young Muslim men changed the
[Western] world. One of the most difficult and lasting changes was George W.
Bush’s Administration engaging the country in what was altruistically called:
“The War on Terror.”

Never, throughout history, did a human entity engage itself
in a war against an idea, not against the people who might have had an idea. In
the Bush “War on Terror,” not even the idea behind the action-word: Terror, is
directly associated with a specific idea. In the case of George W. Bush, the
President and his Administration even insist that the “War on Terror,” is not a
war driven by Islamic ideology. The Bush people insists that the terror may be
driven, but only partially driven, by “radical Islam;” even though in reality,
no such thing exists!

The Islamic cause:

It is futile attempt to try and separate some Muslims from
others, since all believers in Islam are bound to live by the edicts of the
same book: The Koran; Allah’s word to his followers, Allah’s indisputable word,
the “truth, the lasting truth, and the whole truth!”

Every chapter of the Koran states that the following word
are Allah’s infallible words, that no words will be offered the human race
beyond those that Muhammad brought, and that all edicts by Allah must be
followed by all those who want to qualify as Muslims, no deviations are


Enter the apparently deranged Mr. Brelvik of Norway: Brelvik’s
irrational and uncivilized act against civilians was apparently driven by the
fear that Islam is, and will continue to take over the word. If Mr. Brelvik
action was driven by reading the Koran, and by understanding that the Koran is
indeed a declaration of war against all who do not accept it as their Gospel,
then he simply expends President Bush’s “War on Terror.”  Except for the United States killing of away from its own shores, the means Bush and Brelvik, may be quite similar: Bomb and shoot Government people with civilians added as a collateral damage.

Unlike actions by President Bush, those presently followed
by President Obama, actions designed to defend their nation, and its way of
life, there is no doubt that the killing by Mr. Brelvik constitute a brutal act
of unacceptable terror. But unfortunately, much of the differences end there!
As thing stand, United States actions, be they in Afghanistan, Iraq, or
elsewhere, as are those of Mr. Brelvik, are designed to keep Islam from,
spreading, keep Islam from brutalizing the world as it has done on several
occasions through history.

The “Wake-up” call!

Mr. Brelvik may not have acted on behalf of Western
Civilization, but did he do so in his own mind? Many in Europe who are exposed
to growing Islamic influences in their countries are concerned about the
long-term influence of Islam; were Mr. Brelvik actions designed to bring such
concerns to the world?

Without dealing with details, let me suggest that unchecked,
Islam, could well represent a problem to the non-Islamic world. It is
imperative for anyone to be accepted by Islam as a true Muslim to live by the
Koran. The Koran is not only a religion, it is a code of life (Din),
it must be followed at all times, and it requires that believers do everything
necessary, including resorting to Da’wah (deception,) in order to
fulfill its mission of world domination. Muslims must adhere to Sharia (Islamic
an issue that may more and more become a problem to Muslims living in
non-Islamic countries.

The Koran State, unequivocally, that Islam is:

Religion of
truth [and] must prevail [over all others] by force if necessary.
9:5; 9:13;


Mr. Brelvik actions were intolerable, but were they
necessary? Were they Timely?

What next?

I am not clairvoyant!

But I have lived, I have studied, and I observed; I can therefore make
some predictions that may be based on merit!

The issue of Islam in Muslim countries, a serious issue
among Islamic denomination (Sharia, Sunni, etc.) and of growing percentage of
world population, I’ll leave for others; there are many experts dealing with
that issue.

My discussion, and views are going to be confined to
Muslims, and Islamic influences in the Judeo/Christian world; the world in
which I expect to spend my few remaining years on this earth.

Let me start with the United States. Islamic influences in
the United States are yet to become a significant issue, even though they rear
their ugly head, from-time-to-time.

ISSUE:  “The mosque on ground zero!”  —- Any other mosques in the United States.

My view: No mosques should be allowed to be built or operate
in the United States  Unless they have formal charters that clearly denounce all Koran edicts against Non-Muslims; formally commit to have US law, and its constitution to Out-rules Sharia and all other Koranic teachings.

ISSUE:    Koranic code of life

My view: To be granted the US Constitutional rights granted
“freedom of religion,” a Muslim may remain a Muslim, but must formally denounce any Koranic edicts that are not compatible with US law and way of living.

The above is a very simplistic by essential minimum view to
Muslim acceptance in the United States. Many questions remain. Does, for
example, a Muslim member of Congress, or a Muslim person in a court of law,
swear on the Koran? If so, does such person have to denounce “un-American”

There is, of course, much more! But, for Muslims to fit into
United States and many other Judeo/Christian societies, said Muslims must
formally reject any part of his religion or “code-of-living” that calls for the destruction of [all] others, or forfeit the rights to belong to other than his own