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Sovereign Palestine: A historical aberration!

16 Sep

Since making [an Arab] Palestine into a sovereign stated is a historical aberration, bringing the issue of full Palestinian membership, in front of the United Nations, could be a positive, if an honest debate ensues.
Let us start with the understanding that never in history there ever was a sovereign Palestine; let alone an Arab Palestine of any kind; why start now?
There was an “artificial” Palestine that was governed by the British, under a League of Nations Mandate, it was not a sovereign country. The British authorities, with the Balfour Declaration of 1917,  committed that in that “Palestine,” a “national home for the Jewish people…” will be established.  Then, with no legal authority, the British government carved away from “Palestine,” a large part of its geography and made it into Trans-Jordan, as payment to Arabs support during their war with the Ottomans.
In 1948, following British actions, the United Nations took away from the remaining “Palestine” a big chunk, and declared that what was left is to be the sovereign State of Israel. Through a number of defensive wars, Israel expanded that territory. But yet, with no historical precedence, Israel, through its own largess returned [valuable] territory to those who attacked it, in exchange for peace.
To live within the historical perspective of the region, an Arab Palestine should not be established!
What is now called the West Bank should be returned to Jordan (with its majority of “Palestinian population,), Gaza should be annexed to Egypt. and East Jerusalem should remain, as it has been for 3000 years, Israel’s capital in perpetuity.
Why attempt to change history?
forget the artificial “two-state solution,” and get the peace to be among the existing nations of the region.