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Muslims effectively eroding American’s quality of life! Muslims must be profiled for the good of most Americans.

28 Dec

Actions taken by the Bush Administration after 9/11 to protect the American public eroded American’s quality of life, both in travel and other facets of life.

As of Christmas day 2009, another reduction in American’s quality of life was caused by Muslim terrorists. Back to many body searches, which are very demeaning, and the inability to walk on a plane for the last hour of flight, are suggesting that people are viewed as guilty until they are proven innocent.

Muslim terrorists did not only succeed in killing many Americans on 9/11/2001, they were very instrumental in reducing American’s and other Westerners quality of life. Flying used to be a simple event, now commercial flyers are treated as if the are suspects, or with the presumption that they may be guilty, until they are proven innocent; the Muslim terrorists were very successful in affecting America for the foreseeable future.

It is time to profile Muslims and let alone non-Muslim Orientals, African-Americans, Caucasians, and those of mixed races. Let all those non-Muslim go through simple and sensible checks, while profile, and check Muslim, in a much more thorough manner. It is time to let Americans get back their dignity, and quality of life, and let the minority Muslims from which come those who commit nearly all terror acts around the world, bare the burden of assuring safety.

It is a pity that some innocent Muslims may have to be singled out, but in a democracy: The Rights of the Many supersedes the Rights of the Few!