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Obama’s Islamization of America; the Pastor Jones saga!

10 Sep

President Obama is a practicing Christian. Barak Hussein Obama, however, was born a Muslim and spent his formative years in Islamic environments, with Muslim influences. Birthrights notwithstanding, President Obama is a Christian, he is a Christian with Islamic instincts, and sympathies.

Early in his Administration, when this American President gave his conciliatory speech to the Islamic world, the young American President set up the tone of his Administration; an Islam sympathetic operation. The Cairo speech, and other overtures towards Islam, however, do not seem to endear President Obama to Muslims who ridicule and often ignore the young President.

Obama’s treatment of Israel which demonstrate he favors “the other side,” is another clear bit of evidence that the President Islamic roots are deep, and are not to be denied.

When President Obama and many of his spokespersons suggested the Pastor Jones plan to burn Quran’s should not go forward, the pressure made the Pastor yield; the action added another display of Islamic pressure towards trashing the Constitution via the 1st amendment.

When President Obama went on record as supporting the ground-zero Mosque, the President showed his unwavering sympathies towards Islam. Knowing that 70% of the American public objects to the ground-zero Mosque, and in election year, the President further risked his low popularity in order to advance the cause of Islam. The President quoted free speech in the Mosque case, while in the Quran burning he ignored that argument.

It may not be planned, or even a conscious effort by President Obama, but the President in both words and deeds is enhancing the power of Islam in the United States while further contributing to an Islamization of the country, a dangerous situation, to say the least.