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The suggestion by Secretary Kerry, and President Obama that Jews caused DAESH (ISIS) does not necessarily prove that they are anti-Semits:

17 Oct

Even though it appears that President Obama are anti-Semites because they suggest that Jews may be behind the creation of DAESH (ISIS); it may not be the case.

I don’t often give Kerry credit for anything positive, in this case he is partially right. The two major segment of Islam, Sunni and Shiite, hate each other beyond the understanding of most outsiders. The Sunni do not even except Shiites as MUSLIMS.
Since the Koran considers the Jew to be of “pigs and monkeys,” it is easy to consider the Jews as the enemy of all Islamic fractions, and therefore follow the adage: “Your enemy’s enemy is my friend.”
Since the early 1900s when Jews started to re-enter the region in large numbers under the Zionist movement, ZIONISM become a rallying cry for regional Arabs, keeping them from fighting each other. They put aside their irreconcilable differences, and actual hate, to fight ZIONISM.
Finally, after many tries to oust Israel, regional Muslims concluded that they may not be able to defeat Israel by force, they re-kindled their internal hatred, the result: DAESH (ISIS)…
So, Kerry, and Obama, likely not even realizing why, what they are concluding about the creation of DAESH, has merit, they are correct in part because:
ISRAEL’S, the “ZIONIST & JEWISH state,” by its mere existence, its military prowess, and resolve, became the source for re-igniting the Islamic internal feud and made the Sunnis establish a Caliphate under the banner of ISIS (DAESH.)
Fueling that movement was also IRAN’S desire for its own Shiite Caliphate, and with the help of Russia it supported Assad, developed Hezbollah, HAMAS, and an number of Jihads.

IN CONCLUSION: No through in depth analyses, President Obama, and Secretary Kerry stumbled on a truth: The JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL, and ZIONISM, are, at least in part the cause of DAESH (ISIS:) Will miracles never cease?