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“Syria is Burning!” Al-Zawahri (al-Queda) trumps Obama; another win for Ahmadinejad?

12 Feb

“Syria is Burning,” it is burning with flames that could mean freedom, but that may turn the country into another Sharia ruled piece of the Middle East puzzle.

Syria, a country with impressive history, and with advanced culture could have become a small democratic island in the Arab world, should its rebels received support from the West, or rather from some US led coalition, but the United States chose to stand by while Syria is burning…

Up to a point the US stood behind Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, all primitive nations that will be adopting Sharia law, and turning against the United States and its allies. Syria, the cultural entity in the region, a country that could have become a stepping-stone for democracy in the Middle East, is being neglected by the United States as part of its totally inept foreign policy.

Al-Queda’s chief al-Zawahri is now calling for his people to support the Syrian revolt so that he and his organization can gain influence in the region. Since under Assad Syria was the pipeline between Iran, Hizbollah, and Hamas, a Syria under al-Queda’s influence will strengthen these organizations, and weaken Israel’s defensive position, and the Arab Gulf states.

As things stand, Iran would be pleased to have Assad, on of its more reliable clients, remain in power. But, if the removal of Assad were inevitable, then an Islamic country under Sharia law, and with al-Queda presence, would be a welcomed option.

United States inaction in Syria created an opening for al-Queda, and is serving as another demonstration of a frightfully inept American foreign policy in the region. It may not be too late for the United States Administration to follow Senator McCain’s advice and find means to help the Syrian rebels while gaining some much-needed influence in the region.

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