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Are the Iranians teaching the West how to “bargain” in a shuk? Or will Iran take the American led “Alliance” to the cleaners?

1 Apr

The American led alliance, with the typical American that Secretary of State Kerry is at the helm, is “negotiating” with the Iranians regarding Iran’s nuclear development. The West already gave sanctions relief worth billions to the Iranians who are yet to give anything in return, much like one would expect at the Shuk (oen top bazaar.)
In a Middle Eastern Shuk the buyer is king, providing said buyers knows what he wants, and in the present negotiation Iran is the buyer.
One may ask: What is Iran trying to buy?
Answer: Iran is trying to get the West to allow it to build up it economy.
Iran Supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei already has a Fatwa (irrevocable religious edict) that will not allow the Iranian to build nuclear weapons. The Iranians will build on that edict while the West will allow it to sell more oil, and to start fixing its economy, without slowing down its Uranium enrichment program.
The West does not seem to comprehend that the Iranian Fatwa does not forbid it from enriching Uranium to weapons’ grade, a dangerous situation since it can then acquire weapons technology from the outside.
In the Shuk the buyer does not feel good he leaves something “on the table…” Iran will leave nothing on the table. it “will have its cake and eat eat it…”
While the Alliance, from all indication, will leave with nothing to show but a esson learned and humiliation.