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The inter-Islam war: Muslim versus Muslim! Israel’s existence a deterrent to WAR!

23 Feb

Muslim v. Muslim; Israel’s existence a deterrent to WAR!

“Throughout history,more people were killed in the name of religion, than for any other reason.” Muslims are willing, actually eager to die on behalf of Allah!
But which Allah? Sunnis don not accept Shiites view of Islam, the two are natural and fundamental enemies.
Why aren’t they fighting one another? One may ask; the answer is simple: ISRAEL; ZIONISM; JUDAISM; the mere existence of the State of Israel in the region provides Muslims with a common enemy, with enough of a diversion to delay their inevitable inter-religion war. Some of that war is actually taking place, Sunni-base rebels (including elements of al Qaeda) versus Assad and Iran supported Shiites, such as Hezbollah.

Those who thought that Benghazi was Hillary Clinton’s biggest failing must open their eyes and look at the world the woman left for John Kerry.
There was Arab Springs where she, and President Obama mistook a move towards enhancing Sharia law hold on North Africa as a move towards democratization and helped create a new very anti women environment. Afghanistan is about to execute its ex [woman] Ambassador to the US for blasphemy, and civil, as well as women rights in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are essentially suspended. Secretary caused many other problems by demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of other, especially Islamic, cultures.
Islam is made up of about 80% Sunni, and 20% Shiite, with a number of smaller sub-sets of either one, or the other. Arab Islam is nearly entirely Sunni. Sunni’s do not consider Shiites to be legitimate Muslims; if not for the existence of Israel which is the “enemy’s enemy who is a friend” one can could expect outright wars between Shiite and Sunni; with Iran being the most powerful Shiite entity.
Bashar Assad is a client of Iran; he is the conduit between Iran and its two main surrogates in the Middle East, Hezbollah, and Hama. As can be expected, Hezbollah is trying to keep Assad in power since without him, should Syria fall under either Sunni, or more secular control, its mere existence could be endangered.
With Assad’s falling, power alignment in the region would be much different than it is now. Syria, depending of how strong the Syria-al Qaeda emerges, would not likely be a client of Iran, but rather more aligned with the Sunni world. With Assad’s second-to-none chemical weapons arsenal, delivery systems to reach US troops on the Gulf, Turkey, Israel, and other Mediterranean
The situation in Syria where Hillary Clinton’s policy was to stand by except for some clandestine help to the rebels is unfolding. Syria is a microcosm of the [Arab] Middle East, much will be happening in that country before any stability can be expected in the region.