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Obama’s Administration = “Ineptness!” Our “Capitulator-in-Chief,”

2 Aug


A short list, a scorecard, if you will, should speak for itself:

Some positives:

  • Healthcare legislation
  • Saving the banks and automobile industry (more for “the rich!”)
  • “Iron shield” missile defense with Israel
  • Early improvement of the US image over that created by George W. Bush


Some Negatives:

  • Failed to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the rich, lost opportunity
  • Why Libya (where we are losing,) and not Syria (where we are, indeed, needed!) Why not Yemen, Somalia, etc.?
  • Debt Ceiling “compromise,” is Obama turning into the reverse Robin Hood: Take from the poor and give to the rich? Is he a GOP surrogate? Another lost opportunity.
  • Unemployment in US still over 9%.
  • Iran: Making the US C.i.C.* into a laughing-stock
  • Giving up Europe missile defense to please Russia, nothing in return
  • Afghanistan; per US military: Less safe today than last year
  • Iraq: Still “a mess,” and we are leaving with the most expensive embassy in the world, and with strong Iranian and Russian influences.


* C. i. C. = Commander-in-Chief, Capitulator in Chief…