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Income EQUITABILIZATION, not equalization IS the answer

4 Dec

United States tax system is in part a contributor to income equalization; if the scale is not outlandish, a small adjustment is not out of order!
In order to accomplish a reasonable semblance of equity, members of any given society must contribute, either directly, or otherwise, in order to earn whatever income they get.
The two most useful measure of what income should be have to do with: How much is an individual contribute to enhancing the quality of life of others in society. The other within a [relatively] free Capitalistic system has to do with how many other individuals said individual can help earn an income.
Some of the issues have to do with how measures value of contribution.
In this post I shall attempt to deal with an overview, I expect to follow with a more in depth review in the future. for now there will be more questions, but with “direction,” than answers.
Let me start with contribution to the quality of life of others:
–A professional football player entertains thousand of people, between in person,an through the media, the numbers are staggering.
–A school teacher who affects and shape people lives, perhaps not as many as does a football player in the short-term, but with a much longer lasting impact on those whose lives are shaped.
* Should the football player as much more money than doe a school teacher?
— A movie star who entertains thousands, and gives then instant pleasure.
— A fire fighter who may in a life time of service only save a few scores of people, but who may save their most important possessions.
* Should the fireman make an infinitesimal compare to the movie star whose contribution are not usually nearly as long lasting.
Please understand, I am not advocating Socialism where government determine the value of each memeber of society; I am just offering food for thought, while suggesting a hybrid system with elements of Capitalism, and elements of Socialization are mixed.
You can search on this blog the item that suggest that there is no pure Socialism, nor pure Capitalism!
More to follow!