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Hagel: Obama’s imprudent choice!

8 Jan

Appointing Chuck Hagel to be America’s next Secretary of Defense, is more an act of defiant, a challenge to the Republican Congress. President Obama realizes that a United States President is a servant of “we the people,” he recommends actions that the people, through their Representatives in Congress must approve. President Obama’s recommendation of Chuck Hagel to be the Secretary of Defense was a calculated act to annoy Congress.
If Chuck Hagel was the best available choice, Obama’s selection would have been OK, but Hagel is not the best choice.
From a military point of view, Hagel’s tactical skills are lacking. Voting against the surge in Iraq was a vote against the move that saved the United States butt in that arena, Hagel was not astute enough in these matters to realize what he was voting against.
In the foreign policy area, Hagel is a proponent of dealing with Iran. Iran made ir quite clear, on many occasions that it would not deal with the United States until the US pushed Israel “under the bus.” In other words Iran would insist on pre-conditions before holding any kind of dialogue with America.
Chuch Hagel posture regarding Iran is a clear indication that the man has no insight into the Islamic psyche. Since radical Islam is America’s main adversary in the 21st Century, not understanding one’s principle foe is a fatal flaw, especially when one is to lead the nation’s defense efforts.
Lacking the right skills is a major issue, but not less important is the distractions that a Hagel nomination would create. A long protracted nomination hearing is not a “good thing” when the nation is having many severe problems to tackle.
G-d knows we have urgent problems such as the fastest growing national debt in history, upcoming sequester, terrible unemployment, immigration, as well as horrible international problems in Syria, Egypt, North Korea, Iran, the Sudan, (and the list goes on,) that require urgent attention, why not pick the likes of Hagel’s state mate, Bob Kerrey, who is better qualified, and less controversial?
You may come back and say that it is the President’s choice, the answer is, “yes and no!” The President only recommends, it is “we the people,” through our Representative who must approve. The US is not like Iran with a Supreme Leader; in the US is a “servant” of the people, not their supreme commander!