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Gun Licensing, & Resistration: A Goverment imperative!

16 Dec

Public Responsibility versus guns: The case for gun registration, and licensing!
Even though the constitution does not make driving a citizens right, and owning arms is, the fact that both represent potential danger to the public, both must be treated in a similar manner!

There are many interpretations of the second amendment to the United States constitution, mine would suggest that it meant to allow members of [Government] “approved” militias to carry arms that may be required to defend the country. That notwithstanding, let us assume that the second amendment applied to all [law abiding] citizens, did it include artillery pieces (since when the constitution was written, there were no assault rifles, machines guns, or other weapons that were capable many people in a short time?)
The United States constitution was designed to have a country with small government, giving its citizens the rights, and responsibilities to take care of themselves, and function in a manner consistent with integral parts of society. The Government role was to deliver the mail, and protect the populace. Since the country was formed was expanded a great deal, will continue to grow, but must its growth must be checked.
The constitution advocates a great deal of individual freedom, but it ensures that the “right of the many supersede the right of the few.” In other words minorities, of any kind, including individuals, are to have full rights unless said rights conflict with that of the majority. Please note, CONFLICT, not just be different.
Assuming that those who feel that the second amendment is covers all law abiding citizens, how can the Government protect people, such as the children who were shot in December 2012 in their Connecticut elementary school.
Removing assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and fully automatic weapons should not find too much resistance, but other guns pose nearly as much public danger:
Requiring gun owner to register guns should ne no complicated than requiring drivers to acquire driver-licenses. It also suggests that proficiency shooting, safety, and mental competence is reviewed. This no more than drivers who must pass eye sight tests, and prove that they can drive.
There will be right-wing objections and those who suggest that these are the first steps towards confiscating, but protecting “public good” is in question, and is more important than are objections from a small group of zealots.