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Obama must relieve Napolitano!

28 Dec

Obama must relieve Napolitano, an example of the “Peter Principle!”

From all indication Secretary Napolitano is functioning at the peak of her incompetence, a sample of “Peter’s Principle,” which suggest that people rise to their level of incompetence. This may be acceptable in some positions, but this is totally unreasonable for a person who is charged with the security of the American public.

First she said that the system worked, then she admitted that the system didn’t. She then informed the world, including any and all terrorists who wanted to listen, that she, her department, cannot manage the large list, the one with some 500,000 potential terrorist suspects names. It stands to reason that if she cannot do the job, she should be replaced by someone who can!

The 500,000 list will not get any smaller, with time, if anything, it will grow. If the Honorable Secretary cannot deal with today’s list, what will she do with tomorrow’s?

MS Napolitano informed those on the list that they can likely enter the United States even with bad intentions because they will not be singled out, what a blunder!

I do not subscribe to the notion that Democrats are weak on defense; I do, however, believe the Obama Administration is somewhat inept at dealing with security. Starting with the Commander-in-Chief who second guesses his commander in the field and commit 25% less troops for Afghanistan than the commander requested, and moving on to changing the missile defense program for Europe, as if he is an expert with knowledge that professionals do not posses, President Obama does not seem up to the job of keeping the nation safe.

Removing Napolitano for someone who is experienced and can do the job should be one of his Administration’s top priorities. With Napolitano on the job, I personally do not feel safe flying on American planes, to any destination.