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Israel’s options: Cyber, air, sea; to removing Iran’s nuclear threat. [Shared with: www.zyonism.com]

26 Sep

Since Barak Hussein Obama still insists on keeping the diplomatic door to Iran open, while Ahmadinejad keeps mocking and ridiculing the American President, Israel may be forced to as early 2011 “take out” Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Israel may well use a three prong attack on Iran’s nukes: Missiles from submarines, smart “bunker-busting” bombs from the air, and cyber weapons which will simply render Iran’s nuclear operations, and other Command and Control mechanisms, useless.

Missiles from submarines are feasible since Mubarak already demonstrated his willingness to allow Israel’s subs to go through the Suez to the Gulf, and Israel has both the submarines and missiles to do the job, at its disposal.

Planes, unless the Obama Administration intends to shoot down Israeli planes over Iraq, Israel’s air-force can do the job. Even though Russia is in the process of supplying Iran with anti-aircraft missile defense system, such system will not be operational in time, and Israel has sophisticated counter measures to deal with the Russian missiles.

Finally, a malware cyber weapon such as Stuxnet may have already injected into the “delayed” Iranian Bushehr nuclear plant, and could likely infect all of Iran’s nuclear, Command and Control, and other energy sources.

In spite of tough talk by Ahmadinejad, the Iranian military could not effectively stop any of these three possible sources of Israeli attack. Not only that, retaliation can be dealt with, and stopped by using cyber weapons to effectively render Iran’s ability to use its air force, useless.

It may well be that President Obama’s reluctance to confront Islamic nations, regardless how much danger they represent to the free world, will force Israel to be the “tail that wags the dog,” and deal with any Iranian nuclear capabilities, sooner rather than later.