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Freedom versus documentation, the AZ law

29 Apr

One of the freedoms Americans enjoy is the fact that they do not need to carry, or even posses, identification documents (i.d.) If an American does not drive, that person does not require to have a driver license. An American who does not work does not need to have a social security card, or number. If an American does not travel outside of the United States, said person does not require a passport.
An American, in the United States, does not require to own, let alone carry, an i.d. on one’s person!
Conspiracy theorist believe that the first step the Government is likely to take in order to control individuals in the United States is to require a national i.d., a document that all individuals must have, and carry. According to Glenn Beck, the political “star” of Fox News, Progressives, which include Democrats, but also many Republicans, are planning to assume control of individuals, and take away individual rights; the national i.d. would be the start of such action by the Progressive movement.
The new Arizona immigration law, should it take effect, could easily be the start of requiring national i.d.’s in the United States.
Let’s examine a possible (even though perhaps a worse case, but never-the-less realistic,) scenario: A dark-skinned person who speaks with a Spanish accent flies to Arizona. At the airport the person takes a taxi, and the taxi has an accident. The police comes to investigate, they ask the passenger for information about the accident, and, of course, detect the Spanish accent and dark skin, enough reason to suspect that the passenger may be an illegal alien.
The policeman, who by the Arizona law must ask anyone who he suspect could be an illegal immigrant, performs his duty and ask the taxi passenger for his identification. The passenger who was born in the United States to a legal, but Spanish-speaking parents, does not drive, and has no identification documents to show the police officer. The police then ask the passenger where he lives, and could someone send documents from his home. The passenger then tells the officer where he lives, but inform the officer that since he does not drive and never travels out of the country and has no passport, nor other documents; what do they do?
If the proposed Arizona law becomes law, Americans who do not have identification documents will not be able to travel to Arizona without risking confrontation with the law. This, of course, would be more risky for Hispanics…
Does the proposed Arizona law represent the beginning of a situation where Americans will be required to have and carry national identification on their person? This is especially true since a number of other states besides Arizona, states such as Texas, are considering laws similar to the one proposed by Arizona!