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Is your enemy’s enemy your friend? Hosni Mubarak seems to have more faith in Netanyahu, than in Obama: Israeli submarines through the Suez! Part of “the” Iran solution?

21 Jul

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Shiite leading an Aryan nation, represents a threat to all Middle Eastern nations, he uses open threats against Israel to divert attention from the threat a nuclear Iran is to Islamic (largely Sunni) Arab people. Most Arab countries, Egypt in the lead, realize that Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambitions are not designed to give Iran additional electric power, or to strengthen Islamic nations, but rather to get Iran to replace Sadam Hussein as THE most dominant Islamic power.

But since Iran is an Aryan Shiite nation, and because Arabs are mostly Semite Sunnis, there is little trust by most of the Arab world of Iran, especially under Ahmadinejad, an irrational autocratc leader.

Intelligent observers around the world seem to feel that the United States under Obama’s Administration is too timid to deal with the Islamic threat, especially that of Ahmadinejad’s Iran, and they appear to be right. Obama’s demeanor, his Islamic sympathies, and rehtoric of appeasement, suggest that he will not be the person to keep a strong United States that can keep the free world safe.

Hosni Mubarak, the very smart Arab leader that he is, by allowing Israel’s Dolphine submarines through the Suez Canal, gave the green-light for Israel to deal with Iran, his enemy and one of the reasons why Israel is his friend: His enemies enemies are his friends!