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America; the greatest in history!

22 Mar

Unlike other super-powers, America is here to stay as the leader, and contributor, that it is.
America is a melting pot, more so with its first African-American President than ever before. In other leading nations leaders were limited to those with the right ethnic credentials, not so in the United States, less now than ever before.
Unlike powerhouses of old, the United States does not depend on an Empire for resources, and help, it is virtually self-sufficient. Energy the engine that drives modern society is abound in the United States, more than enough, even without “alternative” source for a hundred years or more. America needs little in the line of imports, perhaps Titanium, or some other exotic materials, but with its wealth, that does not represent a problem.
America is great, but this is not to say that it has no rivals, no challengers. There are one billion and about two million Muslims who would like to see American go down because their Quran tells them that they should dominate the world. There are the Chinese who through its autocratic control can effectively develop directed technologies, such as their unique submarine propulsion systems, amazing aircraft carrier technology, ands effective manufacturing, beyond just cheap labor.
With all the external challenges, and there are many, the United States is strong enough to overcome both external threats, and mismanagement from within.
A number of American Presidents who were not in step with global developments, who did not understand how to deal with other cultures, in the last few years, put in glitches in America’s standing in the world. However, even those situations were not enough to derail, or even significantly slow down America’s progress and world leadership.
There was Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and our President, Barak Obama who seem inept at leading in today’s global environment, but even their performance did not cause irreparable damage, the United States is stronger than ever.
Adding to America’s success is the fact that it encourages, and is able to benefit from innovation. For example, years ago Malthus predicted that the human race will run out of food, perhaps natural resources to sustain itself. New agricultural technology, mostly developed in the United States muted that argument. There was a concern about running out of energy, due to innovations such as fracing, and other techniques, we now know that even without harnessing the sun and the wind, without nuclear energy, and without utilizing water pressure in oceans, the United States has enough energy to carry it into the twenty second century.
There are challenges ahead, these are more likely to be cultural rather than technological, but America’s future is bright, and glitches on the road will not stop this greatest nation in the annals of man.