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Why does Obama second-guess his military?

25 Nov

Why is President Obama second-guess his experts, the commanders on the field, and plans to send less troops to Afghanistan than they requested?

Afghanistan requires both military and political United States support; the apparent commitment President Obama is about to make, is short in both areas, leaving the country vulnerable to the Taliban, and perhaps El Qaeda.

Reducing the commitment for Afghanistan by 20% could well be the difference between getting the job done, and failing; did the young President feel it necessary to micromanage for his ego’s sake, or what? If the reason is cost, it is clearly irrational since 20% in the number of troops will translate to less than 10% in cost savings, not enough to justify the risk.

For example, if one goes to a medical expert (doctor,) and the expert recommends that one’s appendix be removed, does this leave the patient an option to ask that only 80% be removed, and ask for a discount?

Among other things, making a smaller commitment than was requested by the military, offer said commanders a reason to justify if the missionnot to be entirely successful; not an outcome the President wants.

It may not be too late for President Obama to commit the 40,000, leaving the door open for removing troops sooner rather than later, condition on the ground support such a move.