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Caroline and the [mediocare] JFK Legacy!

27 Dec

In modern societies it is generally accepted that children are not punished for sins of their parents, parents are not punished for sins of their [adult] children; that generally children and parents are independent entities that must stand on their own two feet

In seeking the Senate seat from New York State, Caroline Kennedy has little more than her fathers legacy to support her ambition. Even if President Kennedy had a flawless record, which he did not, that should not be sufficient to propel his daughter to an important political office at the national level.

Father daughter relationship notwithstanding , one may ask about the Kennedy legacy itself. If not martyred, would JFK loom the historical giant that he presently appears?

The answer to that question is no! Kennedy was charismatic, more-or-less united the nation after a difficult time, but: There was the Bay of Pigs, the unfinished Viet Nam war, and many other loose ends. As enthusiastic as we Americans are about JFK now, history may only have a position of mediocrity reserved for JFK.

Governor Palin, Secretary Rice, & now Caroline Kennedy; how many more blows can women causes endure?

16 Dec

Sarah Palin proved the adage that anybody can be anything in these United States; she proved that it takes no concrete knowledge or skill to run for the highest offices of the Nation. She proved that being a woman was more important than being skilled.

Caroline Kennedy is guilty of similar indiscretion. The slain Presidednt’s daughter is taking advantage of her name, her father’s legacy, and her womanhood to try and make a sham of the system by taking over a Senatorial seat that she clearly not qualified to hold.

The Palin experience, Caroline Kennedy’s political move, following an inept woman Secretary of State in Candoleeza Rice, is setting back women standing in the political arena, women are suffering mighty blows by shams politicians allow.