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US Mediterranean presence needs boosting, not reduction:

10 Feb

The United States must increase, not limit its Mediterranean presence; it needs boosting to avert economic disaster.
Budget constraint notwithstanding, holding back planned deployment to the Middle East in face of problems with “Arab Springs” countries, and especially with Syria, is a grave error.
The risk of allowing an exploding Middle East to the United States is not nearly as remote as it may appear by looking at the map. The first casualty could well be the highly fragile United States economy. An open conflict in the Middle East would likely jump US gas prices at the pump to someplace in the $20.00s per gallon, and with it, heating oil, and the general cost of doing business to catastrophic levels. Should a shooting war begin in the region, unless it is a quick elimination of Iran’s nuclear threat, and Syria’s uncontrolled weapons, the United States economy could decline so fast that, literally within weeks the United States economy could rival that of Greece, or perhaps even some third-world countries.
Dempsey delaying Truman Group deployment to the linkedin.comiddle East; what a poor timing, what a poor choice!
As part of its budget reduction, the Pentagon, per General Dempsey, is delaying the Truman Group deployment to the Middle East. With Tunisia in turmoil, Egypt unstable, Libya in a shambles, and Syria, mostly Syria, about to explode, delaying the deployment to the Middle East is shortsighted, and could prove to be disastrous!
Syria has more chemical weapons than does anyone else in the world, it has delivery systems to reach North Africa, Israel, the 260,000 US troops on the Gulf, as well as many other points of interest to the United States. Syria is a client of Iran, and Ahmadinejad just left Egypt stirring the pot there, as he is about to do in Gaza.
Israel just blew up a convoy of state-of-the-art weapons on its way from Damascus to Lebanon (for Hezbollah,) and Assad in now on record suggesting that Israel is behind the civil war in Syria.
The Supreme Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, just repeated that Iran will not negotiate with the United States (ending the Hagel doctrine, before it started,) while it still supports Syria with its fifty metric tons of Uranium.
The unstable Bashar Assad at the trigger of the most dangerous weapons in the world, is on record as ready to attack Israel with backing from Iran. With a backdrop of a revolution that was nationalistic, but that is now heavily infiltrated with al Qaeda elements, not enhancing the United States presence on the Mediterranean is a poor strategic decision, if there ever were one.
With all the option available to the Pentagon, cutting (or rather not enlarging) Middle East presence is about the least prudent choice it can take.
Not to second-guess a professional Pentagon staff, one may wonder about troop levels in Europe, South Korea, and elsewhere in the world, couldn’t they be reduces to allow for the added Middle East planned, already approved, and crucial deployment.

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