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The virtual “Palestine:” A UN aberration?

1 Dec

The renown historian turned politician, Newt Gingrich, an ex-Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, during the 2012 United States Presidential campaign stated that “Palestine,” was a twenty-century invention, or an aberration, if you will.

Never throughout history there ever were a sovereign Palestine, the United Nations vote, at best, created a “virtual” state. The creation sovereign without national boundaries, no formal capital, and no vote in the United Nations, just the obligation of member, none of the privileges.

Since while holding a League of Nations Mandate over “Palestine,” the British Government, without legal authority split the greater “Palestine’ into two countries, “Palestine,” and Transjordan, which was then made in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The United Nation, through its 1947 vote went on to split what was left of “Palestine,” into [Arab] “Palestine, and Israel.

Without getting into the gory details of how the Arab nations of the region, on several occasions, attempted to destroy Israel, suffice it to say that between the actions of the British Government during its mandate, and the Arab nations attempts to destroy Israel, million of “Palestinians” became refugees. However, since the majority of Jordanian people are “Palestinians,” one must wonder why the West Bank should not be annexed to Jordan.

There is a somewhat different situation in Gaza. Gaza is not governed by the Palestinian Authority, and would, through the natural order of things, fit into Egypt, when it settles its political issues.

At best the recently recognized “Palestine,” without borders, without capital, and without even voting rights in its creator, the United Nations, is a virtual, not a tangible entity, but yet with the responsibilities of a sovereign member of the United Nations, of the International Community, if you will!