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Profiling, a security “Muslims-Line;” it’s the right thing to do!

30 Dec

Not knowing the solution, is one thing. But, knowing the solution and not adopting it because of political correctness, is another; at best it is irresponsible, at worst: Criminal!

Since nearly all terrorist activities in today’s world are perpetrated by Muslims, why not have a separate security line for members of the Islamic faith? Inasmuch as Muslims are a relatively small minority in the United States, a special “Muslim-line” can be small, but equipped with the most sophisticated screening equipment money can buy.

Having a “Muslim-line” would allow other passengers the luxury of a very short and routine security check while improving their safety, and quality of life (at least in travel.)

To maintain a semblance political correctness, those manning the “Muslim-line” should be instructed to treat those they check with dignity, and make them realize that they are not checked because who they are, but because they happen to be members of a group within which undesirables are often found.