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“The Vocal Minority;” GOP’s VPs & candidates obstruction!

27 Jan

“The Vocal Minority;” GOP’s VPs & candidates obstruction!

Memory serves me right, it was Spiro Agnew who coined the term: “The Silent Majority;” it is the Tea Party that represents the “Vocal minority!”
Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, even most Republicans shutter when they hear these names. Every time Sarah Palin’s name is mentioned, a national debate results, nearly never in favor of the Republicans.
Paul Ryan is another unpopular man who as Bobby Jidal says, seems to have a Washington attitude that puts economics interests ahead of people, not a prudent thing in a Democracy.
Democracy, even a Representative (or Jeffersonian) Democracy is a system designed of and for the people, not for the rich and privileged.
The list of Vice Presidents, and VP candidates whose name invokes immediate anger in most American, even the very rich who in general do not mind, or rather encourage social responsibility by their Government.
The Tea Party, a vocal minority seemed to have a stranglehold on the GOP that whenever one of its standard=bearers appears in the media it creates controversy. The list of five VP’s is a particularly harmful for the GOP; they could destroy the GOP if not silenced.