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Jerusalem, Israel’s Capital in Perpetuity! (Shared with

20 Mar

There is now, and always was, one, and only one, City of Jerusalem!

In 1948, during the Israel War of Independence, the Arab [Jordanian] Legion (with its superior force, at the time) took control over the “Old-City” of Jerusalem, the Jordanians took [East] Jerusalem away from its rightful owners, the Jewish people. In 1967, however, the Jewish State, while defending itself from attacks by the surrounding Arab states, liberated the “Old-City,” which has been since integrated into Jerusalem to make the city “whole.”

Notwithstanding the Divine ownership of Jerusalem by the Jewish people, the fact that Israel liberated the “Old-City” as part of defending itself, makes Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem, a part of Israel. Historical precedence does accept that fact that ‘the spoils go to the winner’; never did it apply more than when the winner captures territory while defending itself, as Israel did in 1967 when it liberated the Old-City of Jerusalem.

All three monotheist religions have relevant areas within Jerusalem; except for the Jews, however, the other two religions do have other places in the world with more important religious significance. To the Jewish people, and only to the Jewish people, Jerusalem is the most important part of the world!

To Muslims, Mecca and Medina come ahead of Jerusalem; the Christians have Rome, Bethlehem, and other critical places; to the Jews, Jerusalem is the place of the Holy Temple, it is the Capital of not only the State of Israel, but also of Judaism.

It is time the world come to recognize that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, and for Israel to continue to build in that city is not only acceptable, but it is the right thing to do.

When Israel announced that it was issuing more permits to build in Jerusalem while the United States Vice President, Biden, was visiting the country, it should have explained that it was a routine action and deal with the issue of the united Jerusalem’s role as Israel one and only Capital. If anything, Benyamin Netanyahu should have pressed Vice President Biden for a date of when the United States Government plans to move its Embassy to Jerusalem, as is mandated by Congress.

Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital, it is one city, it is one singular entity under the control of the State of Israel, and should remain so to the end of time.