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The Constitution adopted its policy from the Ten Commandsments, and why some politicians just don’t get it!

1 Apr

The Ten Commandments are not instruction, they are just a set of boundaries! Only three of the Commandments are positive, and they are boundless…the other Commandments are telling people what is irrevocably unacceptable, and not allowed,  by the Creator!

The Founding Fathers of these United States offered people a set of boundaries in form of the Constitution. The Constitution does give assignments to the various branches of the United States government, but no detailed instruction regarding what they must do to perform their duties.

Representative Micele Backmamm demonstrated a complete lack of understating of the essence of their Constitution when questioning Secretary  Geithner about his source Constitutional authority for performing his job. The representative does not seem to realize that the Constitution does not provide specific “marching order,” to Government operatives.