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Is Chinese snub a Hillary “fall out?” Or, Hillary’s abysmal legacy!

25 Jun

Is Chinese snub a Hillary “fall out?” Or, Hillary’s abysmal legacy!
Coming off her tenure as one of the worst, if the worst, United States Secretary of State, the fall-out from Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, may be coming back to haunt us.
International relations under Secretary of States Clinton suffered a significant deterioration with many countries, including China, and Russia.
It is very unlikely that if not the damage to relations with China under the Obama/Clinton foreign policy, that China would have ignored the US demand for Snowden’s extradition.
The United States is bound to suffer for many years to come the fall-out from the Hillary Clinton’s inept efforts at State. Most notably would remain the lack of respect other nations are now showing the United States. The country may be more liked than it was under George W. Bush, but it is surly less respected, definitely not feared in any way.