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The “Bush tax cut!” Or, how to get the “$250K option,” to pass!

3 Dec

If Reid could only bring up the Republican option first, have it defeated, leaving only the Democrats’ options alive! By doing so the Democrats will only leave options without tax breaks “for the rich,” or those representing a tax increase, not something the Republicans could not tolerate!

Since the “lame-duck” Congress leaves the Democrats a good enough majority, not a filibuster proof majority, but a majority that could filibuster if it so chose to do. Bringing up the Republican proposal for extending the “Bush tax cut” as it is, can be easily defeated. With that done, Democrats can get the Republicans to go along with their own proposal, or the tax cut will end, causing a tax increase that can be then only attributed to the Republicans.
Let us hope that Senator Reid wake up tomorrow morning and realize that he has such an opportunity.
Let us hope that Senator Reid follow this path and get the “Bush tax cut” extension done based on the option passed by the house, a $250K ceiling is not unreasonable when the poverty level is $40,000.00…