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As lacking as it is, Stimulus desrves a chance!

10 Feb

Conservatives on the right are quite sure, or so they say, that the Democratic stimulus package will not work. Most of the pundits on the right suggest that the economy package will not work mostly because it is socialistic and socialism does not work. The argument moves on to suggest that only capitalism works, a position that today’s economy, and history, do not support,


Most of the conservative spokespeople point back the Ronald Reagan times as a sample of successful capitalism, they all seem to forget that before Reagan left office the economy started to slide. The economic downturn, which was attributed to trickle-down-economics, prompted David Stockman, who initiated the system, to acknowledge that it did not work.  


Not only is it wrong to suggest that only capitalism works, it is wrong to suggest that a pure capitalistic system, one without elements of socialism, and perhaps even feudalism, ever existed, or can ever exist. 


To reject the present stimulus package because it contains element of socialism, is foolhardy, and shortsighted. And to suggest that giving people money to people who do not pay taxes is socialism, demonstrates a blatant twisting of facts, and conveniently misrepresenting the meaning of reasonably well-defined terms, to make a case where there may not be one.


The stimulus package may include elements of socialism, or borrow from the socialistic theory, but it is neither pure socialism, any more than it is capitalism. The package feeds into a quasi-socialistic, or a quasi capitalistic system, you pick your choice.


Our intent is not to say that the presently proposed stimulus package will work; our desire is to suggest that it deserves a chance, and that by given a chance, it may well solve, or at least reduce, the present economic disaster that was left the Obama Administration to resolve.

Stimulus must be based on “buy American” formula!

24 Jan

Unless the Obama trillion dollar stimulus packages include provisions to rebuild a United States PRODUCT based economy, it will fail.


The new plan could not work unless it is based around the utilization of US products, such as steel, cement, in the road and bridges rejuvenation phase; US developed software, and computers using American made products for IT work, and so on.


The stimulus plan, at the risk of upsetting some of the US trading partners, must be designed around a “buy America” clause to ensure that its impact is not just a band aide for cancer.