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Considering Hillary; a monumental blunder!

8 Apr

James Carville, and Bill Clinton are already pushing to get Hillary Clinton into the White House, what a monumental blunder would that be! To move from the inept President Obama to Hillary Clinton would be tantamount to jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

With the most terrible legacy as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton should not even be considered as a candidate for President. Under Hilary Clinton’s, watch United States relations deteriorated with, Russia, China, Israel, Poland, Egypt, and many other nations. Mr. Clinton made a horrible call to “lead from behind” in Libya’s Arab Springs, a movement to expand Islam that she misread as one towards democratization…
Hillary Clinton was responsible for the Benghazi fiasco, which was “…systematic failure of management…” Then for lying about the matter, the truth is often a stranger to Mrs. Clinton.
There is the North Korea situation that she allowed to get out of hand, the inept dealing with Iran, and many more, but her “crown jewel,” must be Syria, and the Middle East.
Mrs. Clinton choice of helping rid the world of Mubarak, and Khadafy, and stand by during Syria’s revolt was a monumental mistake that will cost the world for many years. Until recently the ME was considered a problem because the Arab Israeli conflict, including the issue of Palestinian refugees. In two years Assad added twice as many Syrian refugees to the region than all the Palestinians refugees. Assad slaughtered more Arab civilian than were killed during the whole Israeli Arab conflict.
Hillary Clinton left the international arena in shambles, a less safe world than the one she entered as Secretary. Mrs. Clinton would clearly not be a prudent choice for the one to be by the red-phone at 3:00AM.