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Is the United States at war? If it is, against whom? Without war the use of the War Powers Act is Illegal!

28 Jul

For a nation be in a state of war, said nation must have a defined enemy, and identifiable objectives. The 2001 US war was, more-or-less a war against the Sadam Hussine regime in Iraq. Once that war ended, when President George W, Bush declared mission accomplished. For all practical purposes,  the President’s words put an end to that war, bringing up the question: Is the United States [still] in a state of war, and if it is, with whom?

In order to be at war one must have a tangible enemy; neither terror, terrorism, or radical Islam, fit that criteria, all are virtual rather than tangible entities. Based on that premise, with whom is the United States at war?

Can a nation be at war against an idea, a concept, or a philosophy of life? If it can, how does one define such a state?

A case in point could be made of Afghanistan where the Taliban, a group of Afghani natives, would like to impose their [minority] point of view on the whole country. Is the Taliban at war in Afghanistan, or is the conflict a case of internal (national,) civil disorder?

Since the situation Iraq is quickly becoming and internal issue, and if the conflict in Afghanistan is one internal dimensions, is the United States in a war, or is it aiding an ally with its efforts in Afghanistan?   

The Founding Fathers, in their [collective] wisdom insisted that in the United States, state and church be separated. Separation notwithstanding, the founders also insisted that members of all religions be treated equally under the law.

The First Amendment gives all those legally in the United States the right to speak as they please, providing one does not causes harm (such as shouting fire in a crowded theater) by what one says.

Notwithstanding the right for free religion in the United States, is a religion that instructs its followers  to eliminate all those who do not believe as it teaches be put in a category of one who shouts fire in a crowded theater? Should believers in such religion be outlawed in the United States? Islam is such a religion, are those who embrace it in a state of war against the United States?

Even though the Koran is a declaration of war against all who do not accept Allah as the one and only legitimate God, are those who embrace it at war with all those who don’t believe?

Technically, in spite of what United States Administrations, starting with that under George W. Bush, claim that the United States is at war, the fact that there is no well defined enemy, suggests that the United States is not at war since the war against Iraq was declared won (the George W. Bush mission completed declaration,) and using the War Powers Act, in any of its nuances, has become illegal since that time.

If the United States is at war, it must be at war with Islam, not radical Islam, but Islam, those who unconditionally embrace the teaching of the Koran. If the US is not at war with Islam, as President Obama claims, then the US ia not in [any] state of war, and must cease to use the War Powers Act, or anything related to it.