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Egypt’s election: Is it a referandum on war or peace? Opening the Pandora box…

28 Nov

Egypt’s election, is it a referendum on war, or peace?

News: “The [Egyptian] Islamic Brotherhood vows to kill all Jews!”

Hosni Mubarak was a dictator who in many ways he deprived some of his people of liberties, but who, in other ways was a benevolent leader. When dealing with the United States, and also, as those dealing extended to Israel, the Egyptian ruler was a positive influence in the region.

With support from the West, the Egyptian people revolted and deposed Mubarak. Since under Mubarak political parties were not allowed to function, the Islamic Brotherhood, a radical Islamic political force, was building its strength outside of public view. Now, however, without Mubarak in office, and without military control, the Islamic Brotherhood may well determine Egypt’s future, including the inevitable rejection of its peace treaty with [Jewish] Israel.

Egypt’s military has been a calming influence in Egypt, since Mubarak’s removal from office. In spite of its positive control of the country. There were, in Egypt, actions against the Christian community, against the Israeli Embassy, against the military rule, and otherwise in demonstration of the new independence. What happened to date is, however, nothing compared to looming action should the Islamic Brotherhood take charge and start its Quranic ethnic cleansing.

Should Egypt become an Islamic nation living under Sharia law, its peace with Israel will be terminated. The peace treaty will be voided, if for no other reason then because the Islamic Brotherhood’s vow to destroy all Jews; Israel’s options will be few.

Should Israel allow an armed conflict to be initiated by Egypt, the Jewish state will be forced to quickly strike. Israel knows Egypt’s weaknesses, and can essentially drive most Palestinians out of Gaza, into Egypt proper. Israel will then likely end any military conflict with Egypt with modified borders better suited to its security. Such action, if force upon Israel by the “new Egypt,” will likely have a significant economic benefit for Israel, the Jewish state will probably take over and hold the Sinai with its vast oil reserves.

One can still hope that the Egyptian people will elect a secular democratic government, and not fall under control of the Islamic Brotherhood. Islamic rule, especially one attached to a vow to destroy the Jewish people, can still be averted.

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