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Time to legalize performance-drugs, the Armstrong case::

18 Jan

The culmination of years when “professional” athletes having been abusing drug-enhancement, came with Lance Armstrong’s confessions. Since a very large percentage of [professional] athletes resort to the use of drugs, and because new undetectable drugs keep emerging, why not simply make it legal?
As things stand, when any given athlete does significantly better than other, said athlete would immediately come under suspicion of using performance-enhancing drugs; why not remove that cloud and allow “free’ competition take over?
Professional athletes are entertainers, performance enhancing drugs will improve their performance, and that is what the public wants to see.
Allowing performance-enhancing drugs to be used in sports would make sports more entertaining and level the playing field since all athletes will be able to use the same drugs.
Legalizing performance-enhancing drugs would also increase competition among those who make and administer the drugs and will likely bring about health benefits to non-athletes, much like fall-out products from NASA, and other non-related fields.
Time to “get out of the [performance enhancing drugs] closet” improve competition and speculations about athletes’ performances.
Such action may have to require asterisk after names of record holders, Hall of Fame members, and other affected by the change, in order to distinguish them from those pre-drug enhancing performers, but that is not such a great price to pay, is it?
One may also need consider health risks and perhaps maker sure such drugs, when used, are done so under supervision of a physician.