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Orator v. Doer: Where is the Beef? Or, why is Obama’s A+ speech failing?

27 Feb

President Obama’s first speech to a joint-session of Congress was judged by both friend and foe as a masterpiece; and so it was: An oratorical jewel!

But, when the audience was asked to act, not just to assess; to put its money where their mouths are; they did, big sell-offs in the stock market! An A+ presentation followed by a D- measured performance.

The American public which at one time, in not-too-distant past, would invest on strength, and promises, now seems to require deeds, beyond words in order to take action. President Obama was elected on strength of his words, and was given a short-fuse, at the end of which his performance would be measured on concrete results, the end of the fuse is now in sight, its operational life is probably no longer than ninety days.

President Obama, perhaps the greatest orator in the history of the human race, must prove that he is a doer, not only a great speaker. Just following President Clinton’s advice regarding the adaptation of a more optimistic tone, does not work; measurable action by President Obama is needed before a required public acceptance can be earned, in other words, Mr. President: Where is the beef?

Obama v. Reagan: The orator v. the communicator…

20 Feb

Reagan and Obama were handed straggling economies, both men were required to take drastic [spending] steps and sell them to the public.

History would attest to Reagan’s success, even though later in his Presidentcy the tricle-down economics did not fare well. Reagan, the masterful communicator that he was, was able to keep a doubting public behind him in spite of the severity of his effort.

Obama is faced with similar situation to Reagan’s. Even though Obama is the better orator of the two, Obama lacks Reagan’s communication skills. As much as Obama is using campaign tactic’s, traveling around the country, and all, he does not seem to have Reagan’s ability to speak to the people, regardless of who they may be. Obama’s oratorical style comes through even when he tries to communicate ideas to small groups; Obama appears to lecture, rather than to speak to audiences. Let us hope that with time Obama will acquire better communicate skills that will compliment his unique oratorical ability.

Obama’s “Change:” The most political White House…

18 Feb

In well over fifty years of observing American politics, I have never seen a more politically oriented White House than the one under President Obama.

President Obama the Orator extraordinaire, and the very intelligent operator that he is, may not be the pragmatist that a Chief Executive needs to be.  Even though President Obama is able to improve the morale of America, one cannot eat high morale, or the feeling of hope, that this President brings to the table.

President Obama extensive travel, the public-works show in Missouri to coincide with signing the stimulus package, and the frequent appearances on media outlets, making the Obama Administration more political than any Administration that I have ever witnessed.

President Obama promised a change when he was running for office, the implication was a change to reduce politics and increase performance; so far it is more politics, and PR, and less actual significant work done.

“Person of the Year;” Why?

17 Dec

Barak Hussein Obama, one of the world greatest orators was just hired by the American people to manage the affairs of their country. The President-elect was hired based on promises that he will bring change to Washington, something that so far he did not even attempted to do.

A White House staff and Cabinet made up of President Clinton’s cronies does not represent change. In spite of that, perhaps President-elect Obama has good insights ans will do well; let us all hope that he does!

All that not withstanding, the President-elect has proven to be an outstanding public speaker and a good politician, but he is yet to prove himself as someone who can deliver on what he promises. How can Time select Barak Obama “Person of the Year” before tha man had an opportunity to demonstrate what he could do?