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Obama: Callous, or what? Diplomats deaths “less than optimal”

19 Oct


The lying by Obama’s Administration regarding events in the American consulate in Benghazi, were despicable, attacking those who criticized the incompetence of the Administration as unpatriotic political That on and of its own would be enough to remove an Administration without delay, but adding the continuing denials and excuses, event suggest that an imminent change of Administration should not be delayed.

There are many reasons to blame the Obama Administration for botching the situation in Libya! All that notwithstanding, President Obama yesterday, October 18, 2012, on national television in an answer for a question about the dead diplomats in Libya, the President responded by saying that the situation was: “Less than optimal!”

This unprecedented and highly insensitive response to the death of American diplomats showed a callous side of the President that clearly disqualifies him as America’s President.